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ONE Moms Trip to Kenya

When You Wake Up A Mother…

You Wake Up the World

Last week ten bloggers traveled with Bono’s ONE.org to Kenya, to experience for themselves the reality of mothering in Africa. How much reality can you experience when you are a middle class, educated, American?

When Heather Armstrong of Dooce.com went to Bangladesh last month with Christy Turlington’s “Every Mother Counts” campaign the question was also asked. Readers of this blog know how impacful Turlington’s work has been on me and how passionate I am about maternal health and so I declare my bias upfront.

The criticisms fired at these kinds of initiatives are misleading and damaging. How else are we to wake up the world? A world that is immune to news images of drought and starvation? A world more interested in magazine headlines than the Millennium Development Goals. More excited by the Kardashians’ latest antics than empowerment for women and girls.

I am a ONE Week Team Member banner

Of course we send bloggers. To add their voices and brings eyes to the page. To invite action. These women have motherhearts first. So too their readers. And when you wake up a mother, you wake up the world.

I am en route to San Diego for BlogHer ‘ll, the largest gathering of female bloggers in the world. In the middle of a recession and debt ceiling crisis that has rocked global markets, 3,000 women are gathering because they have something to say.

They will not be ignored.

When You Wake Up A Mother… You Wake Up the World is the name of my (in progress) first book and new blog launching in September 2011. More to come. Your first time here? Please subscribe (options top left of the page) or follow me here to keep in touch. Thrilled to have you stop by, please visit again.

Images courtesy of ONE.org ~ photographer Morgana Wingard