When You Wake Up A Mother


When you wake up a mother, you wake up a child, a husband, a parents’ group, a school.  You wake up a community, a government, a nation.  Mothers are powerful; especially when they are living lives that are balanced and purposeful; lives that honor deep desires to give and serve and contribute to the entire world.

My commitment to change the culture of modern life is anchored in the creation of a more effective and happy society for everyone. Mothers, do not underestimate the role you play.  When you join together, when you support and lift each other up, your world-changing possibilities, your impact for good, flings open.

Be who you are.  Wherever you are.  At whatever stage you are.  One child, one community group, one government, one nation at a time. Because when you wake up a mother, you wake up the world. For more on motherhood and social good (not always at the same time) join me at whenyouwakeupamother.com.